This woman is married to a Hollywood heartthrob, but users say she is not suited for him.

This British director’s husband is 24 years her junior. The pair has been together for several years, but whenever they are seen in public, an internet debate emerges about how a young and attractive actor could end up with someone so much older. However, the two have withstood the test of time. This British film director and her actor spouse were brought together by their mutual passion of films.

Sam Taylor-Johnson at the “Fifty Shades of Grey” premiere in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

The couple met on the set of the film “Nowhere Boy” in 2009, signaling the start of a relationship that would soon come under severe scrutiny. Based on the fact that the director was 42 and the actor was 18 when they met, she stated that they waited until the project was completed before investigating their relationship. “I managed to hold off until nearly the conclusion of the picture.

We weren’t even together then. Maybe feelings existed but were not acted upon,” the 42-year-old reiterated. The 24-year age difference between them sparked a media frenzy, with allegations that the actor had been groomed. Every time the couple is observed in public, internet users are astonished by how handsome and young the actor is, implying that he is unsuitable for her.

am Taylor-Johnson at the SiriusXM Studios in New York in 2019 | Source: Getty Images

Despite the unfavorable attention, the pair maintained their close relationship. The individuals in question are Sam Taylor-Johnson and her husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. They were aware that their age difference had startled many people, but it did not concern them. Aaron once said, “I’m an old soul; she’s a youthful soul. We don’t see an age difference; we simply see each other.

Sam said that she was originally captivated by Aaron due to his maturity. “He was very intense and made up his mind,” she stated. Despite their contentment with the life they’ve built together, Sam and Aaron continue to face unfavorable comments when they’re seen together. The couple was recently spotted on a casual outing in London’s Notting Hill, where they had coffee and took a leisurely stroll.

Aaron, 33, dressed casually in dark blue pants and a light blue jacket over a white T-shirt. In an attempt to keep a low profile, he paired his costume with a bushy beard and a baseball cap, as well as a bottle of sparkling water and a coffee.His 57-year-old wife, who recently completed directing the Amy Winehouse biopic “Back to Back,” dressed casually in beige cargo trousers, a navy blue sweater, and a patterned teal padded coat.

Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Johnson in England in 2009 | Source: Getty Images

Commenters noticed that the couple’s stylish appearance did not detract from their huge age difference. “Great they are happy, but I still think it’s weird to be married to a woman old enough to be your mom,” said a commenter on the internet. Some individuals questioned whether the romance would last. “When she becomes 60, he will be 36. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it will last; she’s a tired-looking 57-year-old, while he’s in his prime.

“No trendy clothes can hide that,” wrote one user.The actor and director have a strong affection, but the focus on their age difference can get to Sam Taylor-Johnson. She admitted that it might be unpleasant at times, which is why they want to keep their relationship and family life private. But Aaron has never ceased defending their love.

He added that because he began in the profession at an early age, he was exposed to situations that most would only meet in their 20s when he was still a teenager, forcing him to mature quickly. He expressed: “Are you doing something too quickly for someone else?” I don’t comprehend that. What speed should you enjoy life at? It’s odd to me.The couple were engaged exactly one year after their initial meeting. Sam remembered auditioning him for “Nowhere Boy.”

“When he came for the audition at the beginning, I knew he was perfect because he had the intensity, focus, and charisma to pull off such an iconic role,” she said.Sam was going through a separation from her husband, Jay Jopling, with whom she has two children, Angelica and Jessie. Her marriage lasted 11 years, but in 1997, the same year she married her ex-husband, she was diagnosed with colon cancer, which presented one of the most difficult trials of her life.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson at Los Angeles International Airport in 2018 | Source: Getty Images

Fortunately, she overcame it. However, three years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sam stated that she was misdiagnosed and went a year without cancer treatment, despite surviving chemotherapy and a mastectomy.Beating cancer for the second time altered her life. “I changed my diet, my world, and my art,” the filmmaker admits. Her life changed for the better after she met Aaron.

She was confident that everyone on set knew they had a connection, but Aaron knew it was genuine. He informed her he would marry her right after they finished filming, even before they had kissed.The actor fell in love with his wife as soon as he lay eyes on her. He still remembers everything she wore on the day he auditioned for “Nowhere Boy,” a role he knew would forever affect his life.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson at LAX in 2018 | Source: Getty images

In a rare 2019 interview, Aaron revealed that he and his wife have spent practically every day together since they started dating. “In the ten years we’ve been together, we’ve barely spent around two or three days apart. And those were the hardest days of those ten years,” Aaron explained.Despite popular belief, Aaron stated unequivocally that he was the one who pursued Sam.

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson with Abby Greenheart and their daughter Angelica Jopling in London in 2009 | Source: Getty Images

But when asked if he was apprehensive to date Sam, he replied, “I always do anything in my life wholeheartedly. And I am a firm believer that the heart rules everything. “Love conquers all.” At the heart of things, Aaron has never felt more fortunate to have Sam as his wife. “I have a wonderful woman. “She’s lovely, and she’s an amazing mother,” he exclaimed.

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