This has got to be one of the best songs to come out of the 1950s

The Ed Sullivan Show always booked the best musical guests. In this video clip, the popular band The Champs made a special appearance to perform their instrumental hit song “Tequila.”

Your blood gets pumping right away as the song starts off at a fast pace. The energy on the stage is electric as The Champs move and groove to the rhythm.

The saxophonist is the star as he plays the catchy tune that doubtless made the entire audience dance. The band members were also dancing on stage, kicking their feet to the beat.

The bassist and the guitar players jam out and back up the saxophone. When the music pauses for a split second, one of the band members declares, “Tequila!” Then the music resumes.

The guitar player steps into the limelight and performs a solo number near the end. His fellow band members clap to the beat in the background and let their friend’s talent shine.

When the song finishes, the whole band proclaims, “Tequila!” The crowd cheers for the stunning performance these men have delivered. No doubt, they are hoping for an encore from The Champs! Ed Sullivan knew how to please a crowd by booking the best musical talent to play on his show. The Champs proved they belong in that category with their epic performance of “Tequila.”

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