My mother kicked me out of the house after my father died, but I returned for vengeance years later.

After his father died, his mother kicked him out of the house at the age of 23. His father, fortunately, left him his entire estate, and the boy got his revenge. A 23-year-old Reddit member revealed how his connection with his mother deteriorated when his father died when he was 15 years old. His mother moved on quickly with someone else, leaving him feeling like an alien in his own house and fighting for his mother’s affection.

His mother eventually requested him to leave their home, causing friction between them. This mistake will come back to haunt his mother years later. “My mom (45) didn’t wait too long to “start over” and moved her new partner in just 2 months later,” the man revealed on the Reddit forum while recounting his revenge story. He claimed that after his father died, he got his whole money. His mother persuaded him to give her one of the properties as proof that he accepted the new man in his mother’s life.

But that was impossible since his father had sealed the will. It did not allow the young man to access his riches until he reached the age of 21. Everything that happened after his father died was upsetting and had an impact on his mother-son bond. Because the new gentleman also had two children, an 18-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter, the young man frequently felt overlooked in favor of them by his mother.

To please him, his mother overcompensated for her partner’s children, according to the young man. Instead of inviting her kid, the 45-year-old mother would advise him to go visit his grandparents. Despite the mother’s best efforts, her son and boyfriend were frequently at odds. It got to the point that she chose to kick him out of their house when he was 17 years old. The young guy had reminded his mother’s boyfriend that he was not the man of the house, and the tension had grown too much for the mother to handle.

The young man moved lived with his grandparents, who encouraged him to avoid escalating disputes with his mother’s lover. Even though the mother took the difficult decision to put her kid out, she still loved him and would pay him visits at his grandparents’ house. “My mother would visit me frequently and tell me how much she loved me,” he explained, but she needed to “keep peace at home.”

Despite his mother’s attempts to rationalize her decision to force him to leave their house, the young man was always aware that he had the upper hand due to his fortune. So, once he gained access to his riches, he began scheming his vengeance. After finishing college, the man gradually began checking on his properties, including the house where his mother was staying. He intended to renovate it and rent it out, with the proceeds going toward his Master’s degree.

The son walked to the house to inform his mother of his decision, but there was no one there. The family was on vacation, it turned out. He attempted to contact her but she did not respond, so he took matters into his own hands and changed the locks on the house. A day after he legally took over his residence, his mother arrived. She attempted to contact her son, but he was unavailable. He went back to check on the house because renovations were set to begin in a few weeks.

His mother yelled at him, questioning why he would do such a thing. Her partner was also upset, but he refused to change his mind, even after learning that the man’s daughter was pregnant. The son gave the family two weeks to leave, and now his mother’s side of the family is shaming him for evicting his mother. As a result, he asked his Reddit followers if he was improper to change the locks on his house without his mother’s knowledge.

Commentators Offer Their Thoughts— mother was, so he gave everything to his son. As a result, critics thought he was justified in reclaiming the house because his father wanted him to live comfortably. Another person believed that what he did was a decent decision after the mother was the first to betray him by prioritizing her new lover and his children.
Although the decision was painful for the son, online users thought his mother’s mistreatment of him so soon after his father’s death was inappropriate.

One internet user believed the mother began dating the man before her husband died. Because of how he was handled, several people thought the young man was generous to give them a two-week notice. “I’d have given them two days!” “Go live in a hotel,” one netizen said. Facebook commenters were mostly upset at the mother for allowing a man to damage her bond with her son. “Any mother who prioritizes a man and his children over her own does not deserve respect,” one internet user stated.

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