I asked my stepfather not to attend my wedding to please my father.

My stepfather, Tim, has been raising me since I was eight years old because my father was frequently away for work. My father has always despised Tim.
Mom attempted to keep things calm between them till she went away last year.For my wedding, I asked my father to walk me down the aisle. My father consented and even offered to cover all of the expenses, but he had one condition:

Tim could not attend the wedding.I was devastated since I adored my stepfather. But after losing my mother, I wanted at least my father to be present, so I had little choice but to tell Tim not to come. He agreed and then remained silent. Tim left the country and wrote me a letter while my father was escorting me down the aisle on my wedding day.

I was astonished to locate it a few days later and couldn’t stop crying while reading it. In it, he expressed his love for me and my mother, as well as his desire to see me on the day of my wedding. He stated he never thought I’d deny him that privilege. He went on to say, “There is one last thing you should know: the real parent is not the one who gives you money and shows up whenever they want; it’s the person who holds your hand and mends your sorrows as you grow up.”

He ended by saying, “I want you to know that I still love you very much, but since you didn’t fight for me to witness your big day, then maybe we shouldn’t be in each other’s lives at all.” My world fell when I read these words. Tim raised me, and I don’t want him out of my life, but I believe what I did injured him so deeply that there is no turning back. How do I repair this?

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