Facebook post by woman gains widespread attention following Burger King employee’s action at the drive-thru

It’s imperative to heed your body’s warning signs, especially when managing diabetes.

Rebecca Boening exemplified this awareness when she found herself driving and experiencing a drop in her blood sugar levels.

Sensing the urgency, she promptly exited the highway and headed to Burger King to address her need for food, crucial in managing low blood sugar episodes common among individuals with diabetes.

Sharing her experience on Facebook, Rebecca described the difficulty she faced in placing her order due to the cognitive challenges posed by low blood sugar.

As she approached the payment window, she was surprised to see Burger King employee Tina Hardy rushing towards her car, squeezing through the narrow space between the car and the building.

Initially bewildered, Rebecca soon realized Tina’s intention as she swiftly handed her an ice cream—a quick source of sugar to raise her blood sugar levels. Tina, understanding the urgency firsthand as her husband also has diabetes, ensured Rebecca received her meal without delay.

After completing the transaction, Tina instructed Rebecca to park nearby so she could keep an eye on her until she felt better. Grateful for Tina’s kindness, Rebecca returned to express her appreciation and also informed Tina’s supervisor of her extraordinary act of compassion.

Rebecca’s post about Tina’s selfless gesture spread rapidly across social media, garnering hundreds of thousands of reactions and shares.

Despite having worked at Burger King for only six months, Tina took the risk of leaving her post to assist Rebecca, unsure of the consequences.

Tina’s empathy and quick thinking in responding to Rebecca’s needs serve as a heartwarming reminder of the impact of simple acts of kindness.

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