Three men die within 10 seconds of each other…..go to heaven, and are greeted by Saint Peter at the gates.

Saint Peter says, “Our apologies, but due to logistics constraints, only one man can be let into heaven at a time. The man with the most interesting story goes first.” The men mumble agreement, and the first man says; “Well, I’ve been suspecting for a while that my wife was having an affair. I came home early one day and found her naked on the sofa. I said, ‘Aha! Where is he?’

but before she could answer I saw a man hanging off our railing on the terrace. So I walk over to him, and hit him with my shoes until he lets go and falls to his death. For good measure, I dragged a refrigerator over and dropped it onto the man. But all of that stress gave me a heart attack, so here I am.” St. Peter nods in acknowledgement, and the second man says; “Well, my cat escaped onto the terrace again today.

I went to go catch it, but I tripped on my balcony railing and fell! Luckily, I caught my neighbor’s railing and held onthere, screaming help. But then he sees me, runs over, and starts hitting me with his shoe until I fall! I fall, and barely survive, but then I see a refrigerator flying at me… And now I’m here.” The first two men look over at the third man, who says: “Well, I was having the best sex of my life with a gorgeous woman. But the door rang, and she told me to hide in the refrigerator… And now I’m here!”

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