Woman Sends a List of Rules to Wedding Guests – Gets Angry When Many of Them Send Cancellations

Every bride dreams of having the most magical wedding day. Planning a wedding gives you the opportunity to make choices that reflect your personal style and preferences. From selecting the perfect dress to choosing the ideal venue and catering options, there are many aspects of your special day that you have the power to control. There is no guaranteed way to ensure that everything will go as expected.

Nevertheless, this bride had a clear plan to ensure her wedding day went smoothly. However, she quickly discovers that not everyone shares her perspective on the matter. Continue reading to discover additional information.

A soon-to-be bride turned to Reddit to seek advice on a question that had been weighing on her mind: am I being unreasonable? She shared her situation on the popular subreddit ‘AITAH’, short for Am I The Asshole.

A bride-to-be shared that she and her fiance recently sent out a set of guidelines to their wedding guests. However, shortly after, they started receiving notifications of cancellations.

Prior to starting her post, she made it clear that she didn’t want people to assume she was being controlling or unreasonable. She wanted to emphasize that her fiance had played a significant role in creating the rules and was fully supportive of them.

Next, she proceeded to explain each rule one by one.

The couple desired to have a ceremony free from electronic distractions. Guests were required to refrain from using their phones during the ceremony and dinner, unless it was an absolute emergency. Although guests were aware of the no-phone policy during the ceremony, they felt that the restriction on using phones during dinner was excessive.

According to her, there were individuals who justified their need for phones by claiming they needed to check on their children. However, she made it clear that if she were to make an exception for them, she would have to do the same for everyone. She stated that it is not an emergency to check in with your kids. You will be informed if something significant happens.

The couple adhered to a specific color scheme and dress code. Attendees were instructed to dress in all black, with women opting for dresses and men donning tuxedos. There were no deviations from the rule. After experiencing the loss of her husband, her aunt went through a period of mourning, dressing in black as a reflection of her grief. However, she has now transitioned back to a more vibrant and diverse wardrobe, just like everyone else. Even when she claimed that wearing all-black everything made her feel down. Her future sister-in-law, who struggles with body dysmorphia, also faced challenges with the dress code. She consistently opted for pants to feel at ease with her body, but unfortunately, no exceptions were made for her.

They made sure to order the bridesmaid dresses well ahead of time and advised their bridesmaids to be mindful of their weight, whether that meant adjusting their eating habits or making other changes.

According to her, the mother was extremely upset about these rules and warned the bride that her wedding was destined for failure. Her bridesmaids were on the verge of quitting, and she’s dealing with last-minute cancellations from wedding guests.

The original plan for their flower girl, the maid of honor’s daughter, had to be changed. For the wedding ceremony, the bride requested that the flower girl stay at a hotel with a babysitter. However, the maid of honor had a different plan in mind. She decided to leave her daughter with her mother instead, considering the long four-hour drive to the wedding venue.

Despite her preface and warning, many people still perceived her and her fiance as the ones being completely unreasonable and labeled them as ‘assholes’.

Many people have highlighted that although weddings should reflect the preferences of the couple, others are not obligated to comply with their demands and are well within their rights to decline attending the wedding.

Overall, the consensus on Reddit was that the couple’s demand was seen as unreasonable by most.

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