Why Elizabeth Montgomery Chose Not to Wear a Bra in Late “Bewitched” Seasons

In the later seasons of the beloved TV series “Bewitched,” fans couldn’t help but notice a significant change in Elizabeth Montgomery’s character, Samantha Stephens. Unlike the fashion trends of the time, Samantha notably went braless in several episodes. But there was more to this decision than meets the eye.

For Montgomery, choosing not to wear a bra was more than just a personal preference. It was a deliberate creative choice made in collaboration with the show’s producers and costume designers. As “Bewitched” evolved and entered its later seasons, Samantha’s character became a symbol of liberation and empowerment, reflecting the changing social attitudes of the era. By going braless, Montgomery aimed to embody Samantha’s confident and free-spirited nature, breaking traditional stereotypes and embracing a more natural and relaxed style.

But practicality also played a role in the decision. Back in those days, bras were often uncomfortable, especially for actresses who spent long hours on set. So, by allowing Montgomery to go braless, the creators of the show prioritized her comfort and freedom to fully embrace Samantha’s character without unnecessary constraints. It may have been a bold choice for its time, but it added depth to Samantha’s character and resonated with audiences, capturing the spirit of the era.

Check out this video to see Samantha’s empowering journey in action!

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