While my husband praised my food in front of me, he called it «something that can only be fed to pigs» in front of his parents

What I accidentally overheard hit me like a sharp knife! See what happened in the article!

To say that I hardly had any skills in culinary is nothing to say. My biggest motivation became my husband who was the one whom I wanted to impress and help quit eating fast food. Yet, I had no idea what this could eventually lead to.

I spent a lot of time and effort to learn all the dishes he loved most. I started to cook well and, as my husband assured, all the dishes were absolutely delicious. I felt proud that I could make them and that my husband no more ate junk food.

During one evening, we were guests in his parents’ house. The dish that I mastered provoked a sense of excitement in my husband’s eyes. When I was quick to go and wash my hands before I sat at the table, I accidentally overheard their conversation.

I heard him saying «The food she makes can be fed to pigs only». These words hurt me like a sharp knife and I was left speechless. As I heard the candid conversation, I could hardly believe my ears. I guess I should talk to my husband.

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