WATCH: Joe Rogan Sounds Off On “Woke” Whoopi Goldberg

Recently, podcasting legend Joe Rogan criticized Whoopi Goldberg over a statement she made suggesting President Biden could jail Republicans. Rogan, who has been making increasingly conservative statements recently amid the current liberal rhetoric, labeled Whoopi’s statement as “unhinged.”

“Do you see what would be Goldberg said, which is Whoopi Goldberg said that Biden could arrest all the Republicans put them in jail,” Rogan said to his guest on the podcast, conservative activist Chris Rufo. “You just need to see how unhinged this kind of thinking is. ‘Well, you know what Joe Biden could do. Joe Biden could…’ you have to see it. Because it’s, it’s on TV. It’s on television.”

Rogan pulled up a video from the segment from “The View” in which Goldberg seemed to suggest that presidential immunity entails that Biden has the authority to jail his political opposition. “Let’s look at a scenario where the Supreme Court says yes he has all those rights. He is immune from everything,” Goldberg said. “You know what Joe Biden could do says he is presently president. He could throw every Republican in jail. I mean, this is not. What this means is he could do anything.”

Rogan and Rufo responded to the absurdity of this claim, illustrating that Goldberg has a misunderstanding of what presidential immunity means. The podcast host noted how concerning it is that Goldberg made that statement so confidently.

“That’s not what it means at all. Yeah, no. But the fact that she says that so confidently. Like if, if you’re willing to let Donald Trump use presidential immunity, that means Joe Biden could just go crazy and arrest all the Republicans. Because that’s what that means. Now that’s not what that means. Even a little bit. Like you just added a whole bunch of stuff to what that means,” Rogan added.

“I mean, in fairness, though, I mean, the view has to be you know, if you average out ‘The View’ hosts among the dumbest people on television,” Rufo added, criticizing the the panel of women on the left-leaning daytime talk show.

Rogan further criticized Goldberg, asserting that she is not the “brightest person” following her dubious statement on presidential immunity. He likened the remarks to a comedian who walked on stage unprepared to deliver content. Watch footage and commentary on Joe Rogan sounding off on Goldberg below:

“Whoopi is certainly not the brightest person and what she just said just doesn’t make any sense. It’s just like so silly to say it’s not a well thought out. It’s like if you had an idea for a premise and you like it was totally baked and half baked and you went on stage with it…. there’s nothing there. Sometimes comics do that,” he continued.

“This is like low information. Blue no matter who, like older housewives from out of the world. That’s that’s the appeal that Whoopi Goldberg has,” Rogan said, taking a shot at the demographics behind “The View’s” viewership. “It’s interesting to like really politically motivated older women who don’t have children. There they’re very specific like you can kind of guess the way they think. I would like to see like what the stats are on older post menopausal women with no children and how they lean.”

Note: The featured image is a screenshot from the embedded video.

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