VIDEO: Couple Replaces Flower Girls with ‘Flower Grannies’ at Wedding And They Steal the Show in the Best Way Possible

Planning a wedding involves a multitude of pre-arrangements. Planning a wedding involves selecting the ideal venue, choosing a stunning gown, creating a detailed guest list, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Deciding on your flower girls, bridesmaids, and best men can pose a challenge when you have many loved ones eager to take on these important roles. Presenting a new social media trend where traditional flower girls are being replaced by charming «flower grannies.»

One bride, Keely Amelia, has caused a stir with a recent video. The clip features two grandmas acting as flower girls, walking down the aisle and spreading flower petals and happiness. The cheerful grandmothers in their sparkling attire receive plenty of admiration and excitement from the wedding attendees, who eagerly grab their cameras to capture the moment. Amelia’s caption exclaims, «They truly stole the show!» and we wholeheartedly agree. Users on TikTok are loving the video featuring two grandmas, spreading joy to viewers and wedding guests in just nine seconds.

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