unexpected VIP service

Some organizations provide such excellent customer service that every customer feels like a true VIP. A caring and considerate approach is typically evident in the smallest aspects, even if they occasionally violate business policy.

“My son collects the Marvel Avengers from Kinder Surprise eggs. But he couldn’t find the Hulk. We recently purchased a batch of 12 eggs and eventually discovered Hulk, but he lacked legs.”My son was quite unhappy since he purchased the eggs with his pocket money.

He decided to send an email to the company, telling them his tale and requesting that they sell him a Hulk statue. They apologized and offered to send him the figurine for free. Today, we got this box.”

“Hulk was there, too. It was within the yellow capsule in the lower right corner.” Have you ever received unexpected VIP service that made you extremely happy? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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