«She’s aged like wine!» This is how Patrick Swayze’s widow looks and lives years after the actor’s passing

It was in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣9️⃣ that the world said goodbye to Swayze! 😭👋The last minutes of his life were spent with his wife with whom he was crazy in love even at 5️⃣8️⃣! 😓👏Years have passed, Lisa found new love and got married! 😮❤️‍🩹 She claims she still cherishes years spent with Patrick! 👏See what the film star’s forever muse looks like now in this article! 👇

One of the most iconic, towering and exemplary couples used to be of P. Swayze and his wife Lisa. The spouses were absolutely inseparable even during the last minutes of the famous actor’s life. It was in 2009 that Swayze left the world in tears and sorrow with his passing at the age of 58.

For those who don’t know, it was on the set of the film «Ghost» when the future spouses first crossed paths. Even after being married for over 30 years, they still looked at each other with love and warmth. As Swayze claimed, it was her cold-bloodedness that attracted him at first sight.

They first met when the film star was still in his early 20s, while Lisa was 15 and was enrolled in ballet school. Chemistry between them arose and in 1975 they got married. However, their life wasn’t as perfect as it might seem. The spouses experienced the loss of their child and couldn’t become parents.

It was Lisa who stood with him during the toughest period of his life. His father and sister passed away and he tried to «mute» the pain with alcohol. Lisa became his biggest supporter and helped him navigate through that challenging time.

The spouses were hit by tragic news. In 2008 the «Dirty Dancing» actor started to suffer serious health issues. A year later he, unfortunately, passed away leaving his wife alone. Initially, Lisa considered it a betrayal to start a new relationship with another man after her husband’s passing.

Then, she met billionaire A. DePrisco and soon they got married. Swayze’s widow is already 65. The late actor’s wife and the American jeweler are happily married and often share romantic pictures delighting the network users. Lisa seems to still be «stuck» in her 20s and looks effortlessly gorgeous.

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