Rodent Finds Relaxation in Cannabis Field

Unusual Encounter in a Cannabis Field
Rodents and insects are a common concern for farmers, as they can cause damage to crops and spread diseases. However, in New Brunswick, Canada, a peculiar incident took place in a field of cannabis. A mouse was discovered among the plants, lying on its back and seemingly “stoned” and passed out. This unexpected discovery highlights the effects that cannabis can have on unsuspecting creatures [^1^].

The “Stoned” Mouse Story
Colin Sullivan, the owner of the field, noticed the little rodent stealing leaves from his cannabis plants for two consecutive days. He captured pictures of the mouse happily nibbling away at its mini “harvest” before experiencing the effects of the plant. Eventually, the mouse was found completely knocked out, lying on a heap of leaves.

Concerned about the well-being of the mouse, Sullivan placed it in a cage to allow it to “detox” until it returned to its normal state. After six days, the mouse was released back into the wild [^1^].

A Humorous Facebook Post
Sullivan took to Facebook to share the amusing experience with his followers. He wrote, “For two days in a row, I’ve caught this little pothead taking leaves off of my plant and eating them until he passes out. He’s missing an ear, so it may be self-medication for his PTSD, but I still think it’s time for an intervention. I’ll let him sleep this one off, but when he wakes up, he’s getting a real stern talking to” [^1^].

Sullivan provided updates on the mouse’s progress while it was still in its Perspex cage. He mentioned that despite dealing with a bellyache and intense cravings for more cannabis leaves, the mouse was gradually adjusting and recovering. Sullivan humorously encouraged the mouse to take it one day at a time [^1^].

Release from “Rehab”
After three days in “rehab,” the mouse was eventually released. Sullivan shared the good news of the mouse’s sobriety, utilizing various puns and play on words to express his joy. The final Facebook post received a significant amount of attention, generating over 6.4 thousand shares and 1.5 thousand comments filled with laughter and appreciation [^1^].

A Viral Sensation
The initial Facebook post went viral, amassing over 461 thousand shares. People were delighted to hear about the mouse’s recovery and left comments expressing their support and amusement. The lighthearted comments and jokes added to the overall enjoyment of the story [^1^].

Cannabis’s Legal Status in New Brunswick
Cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2018, but each province and territory have their own regulations regarding its use. In New Brunswick, for instance, the legal age for cannabis consumption is 19, and it can only be sold by licensed retailers. The maximum amount of cannabis an individual can possess at a time is 30 grams. Public consumption and consuming cannabis while in a vehicle are prohibited. Landlords can restrict tenants from smoking or growing cannabis, but they cannot prohibit cannabis smoking if they allow tobacco smoking [^2^] [^3^].

The government of New Brunswick emphasizes the importance of public health education and awareness in their approach to regulating cannabis. They aim to build a culture that is safe, legal, responsible, and limited to adults, while also recognizing the economic opportunities associated with the industry [^2^]. Their stance is based on prioritizing informed decision-making regarding personal cannabis use [^3^].

It’s interesting to note the various ways in which cannabis can affect not just humans, but also the wildlife around us. This lighthearted story about the stoned mouse serves as a reminder of the unexpected encounters that can occur in nature.

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