Quartet of brothers singing together on the plane alleviates the stress and frustration of passengers

We’ve all experienced those frustrating flights—endless delays leaving you feeling like you’re about to burst. But here’s a heartwarming story of four men who decided to spread some joy through music, and it turned out to be just what everyone needed.

As recounted by the flight attendant, “Our flight to New Orleans was delayed for maintenance after we had already boarded. That’s when I discovered we had a barbershop quartet among us. I asked them to sing, and soon most of the passengers were recording the moment on video! It was truly special…”

The quartet, known as Port City Sound, hails from New Orleans and comprises four seasoned gentlemen with an impressive knack for harmonizing.

The flight attendant added, “The atmosphere transformed, and our passengers remained upbeat throughout the entire 5-hour flight! It was one of my favorite moments. Thank you to Port City Sound for creating such a memorable experience!”

Prepare to be uplifted by watching the full video below. Don’t forget to leave us a comment on Facebook to share your thoughts!

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