Peter Reckell, a.k.a Bo Brady from “Days of Our Lives,” has a beautiful wife of 26 years that many may not know about after his marriage to a soap opera co-star didn’t work

Peter Reckell, AKA Bo Brady from “Days of Our Lives,” has been married for 24 years to his “gorgeous” wife after his marriage to his soap opera co-star failed.

He calls his wife a diva. She has a career in show business, like her husband.

The couple is proud parents of one child and revealed why they won’t have more children.

Peter Reckell is most famous for playing Bo Brady in the popular TV soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” However, besides being a committed actor, Reckell is a devoted husband and a doting father. Reckell has been happily married for an impressive 24 years.

After 23 years on “Days of Our Lives,” Reckell left the show after his character died a dramatic death in the arms of his wife, Hope Williams Brady. Reckell decided to take his leave in 2015 after finding widespread fame and financial security through the show. A few years later, his on-screen wife, Kristian Alfonso, also left.

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell on “Days of Our Lives,” 2007 | Source: Getty Images
Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Reckell left the show, although it seems to be the last. In 1987, the actor announced he would be leaving the show to take a break from the persistent filming schedule. He spent the next few years on the show “Knots Landing,” but returned to “Days of Our Lives” a short while later.

Fans reacted to Moneymaker’s post, commenting on how wonderful they looked together.

Reckell left the show again in 1992, saying he was “looking for new things.” He spent the next few years shooting a low-budget film in Russia titled “Broken Bridges” and worked in musical theatre. Eventually, he decided to return to “Days of Our Lives” once again in 1995, citing a need to pay his bills as the reason.

Although being a penniless actor “was fun,” his role on the popular soap opera paid well. After making enough money to last him a while, he left the show for the final time, leaving fans wondering, “What happened to you, in the acting world? Seems like you disappeared.” That said, the show has once more teased his return on March 16.

Who Is Peter Reckell’s Wife of 24 Years & How Does She Look?
Although Reckell is notoriously private about his life, his wife, Kelly Moneymaker, shares some aspects on social media. Reckell and Moneymaker have been together for more than two decades, having met after the actor’s first marriage to his “Days of Our Lives” co-star, Dale Kristien, fell through.

In 2019, Reckell posted a photo of his only daughter to Twitter.

Peter Reckell and Dale Kristien on August 23, 1989 at Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles Music Center in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images
Reckell is obviously not the only famous one in the family. Moneymaker has made a name for herself as a musician, performing as a vocalist. The musician has produced solo projects and has often toured with the band Exposé, having joined them in the 90s. She recently did a reunion show with the band in Washington state.

To celebrate their 24 years together, Moneymaker posted two images of them side-by-side, one from their wedding day, and another, more recent photo. In the first, the happy couple could be seen smiling as they embraced each other in front of a lake. In the second, they’re beaming at the camera while cooking.

In the second photo, both Reckell and Moneymaker show their age with a few grey hairs and some wrinkles. Moneymaker captioned the image, thanking Reckell for the years they’ve spent together. She thanked him for all the adventures they had together and the bond they’d shared for close to 30 years. She wrote:

“26 years together, 24 years of marriage! Happy Anniversary, Peter! It’s been a wild & wonderful adventure!”

Fans reacted to Moneymaker’s post, commenting on how wonderful they looked together. Many also complimented Moneymaker on how beautiful the singer looked, saying, “u look gorgeous Kelly…ur hair is stunning..” Another fan to the post, “You look Gorgeous!” and “You look fabulous as always.”

Does the Couple Have Kids & What Is Their Marriage Like?
Despite their busy schedules throughout the years, Reckell and Moneymaker are devoted parents to their 15-year-old daughter, Loden Reckell. The couple welcomed their daughter in October 2007. Although they try to keep her out of the public eye, they can’t resist sharing a snapshot of her now and again.

In 2019, Reckell posted a photo of his only daughter to Twitter. In the snapshot, the little then-12-year-old was caught embracing a tree at a student march aiming to raise awareness about climate change. The proud father shared the heartwarming image with his fans, captioning it:

“My little environmentalist had to stop and hug a tree at the Climate Change Student March.”

Peter Reckell and Kelly Moneymaker at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on April 27, 2006 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images
Besides being a doting dad to his only daughter, Reckell is also a loving and devoted husband. He supports his wife’s career wholeheartedly, even wishing her and her co-artists luck on Twitter before their shows. In 2014, he shared an image of Moneymaker and other performers, captioning it, “Dressing room divas!!! Lol! Xxx ‘Have fun ladies!!!”

For their 23rd anniversary, Moneymaker posted an image to Twitter to mark the occasion. The photo showed Reckell and Moneymaker next to the mast of a boat, smiling happily at the camera with the wind tugging at their hair. The actress captioned the image, wishing her husband a lovely anniversary:

“Early celebration of 23 yrs of marriage/25 yrs together! I hope for another 25 yrs of adventure with you, my sweet husband! Happy Anniversary.”

Reckell and Moneymaker opened up about their choice to stick with one child. Although the pair adore their daughter and would enjoy raising another kid, they’ve opted to only bring one child into the world to limit their impact on the environment and play a part in population control.

Peter is an avid environmentalist and believes in a healthy lifestyle. The actor practices yoga to stay fit, much like Mick Jagger, and pilates to maintain his upper-body strength. He prefers riding his bike the nine miles he must travel to work and has traded in his traditional vehicle in favor of an electric car.

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