Old Woman Signed Documents, Then Her Own Son Threw Her Out the Very Next Day – Story of the Day

A widowed mother takes in her newly married son and his wife into her home and ends up homeless herself. Gina Manson was a mother, and she always swore she’d do anything for her children. She never imagined that she would do too much and end up on the street, just like she never imagined her son would be the one throwing her out. Her children were her life, especially after her husband passed away when she was just 32. Gina was left to raise her son and her daughter alone, and she swore that they would have the very best in life,

whatever it cost her.Gina’s husband had been a careful man, so when he died there was an insurance policy to ensure that their children would get the best education money could buy, and another policy to pay off the mortgage on their lovely home. Thanks to her husband’s care she raised their children in that house, and they lived with her until they married and moved into their own homes. Gina was lonely, then, and started wondering what she’d do with the rest of her life. Gina was turning 60 and could see old-age looming around the corner. Her children had their own lives,

so she dedicated herself to her garden and to the family, enjoying every Sunday lunch and celebration. Gina decided to organize a special dinner for her 60th birthday, to have her children and grandchildren around the table. That would be the best gift anyone could give her. Her son Liam and her daughter Kathleen came with their spouses and Kath’s two girls. Gina was so happy, and her happiness was even greater when Liam interrupted the toasts: “Mom, Debby, and I have a special announcement of our own: We’re having a baby!” Gina was delighted! Another baby in the family! If only her darling John had lived to see it! It was one of the best evenings in Gina’s life and the next day, Liam called and asked if he could pop in. t was late in the afternoon when Liam arrived, and he got right to the point. “Mom,” he said to Gina, “There’s something I want to ask you…” “Anything I can do for you, you know I will!” she replied. “Well, you know we’re expecting a baby, and the apartment we’re living in is a third-floor walk-up, and very damp… And you’re living in this big house all alone…” “Do you and Debby want to move in with me?” Gina asked, delighted, “Oh Liam, that would be such a joy! We can do up the nursery, and you and Debby can have the top floor so you have your privacy…” Liam threw his arms around Gina and gave her a hug that nearly cracked her ribs. “Mom, you’re the best!” he said, “I love you so much!” And so he and Debby gave up the lease on their apartment and moved into Gina’s house. At first, it was wonderful. Gina loved just feeling the old house coming back to life around her, but three weeks later the trouble started. “You are a failure!” Gina heard Debby scream, “We don’t even have a pot to pee in!” “Come on Deb,” Gina heard Liam soothe her, “You know that in two years I’ll be running the department and we will have our own home.” “We are bringing a baby into this world, and you don’t even own your own home, you live off your mother’s charity!” Debby said, “She could throw us out any time!” “My mother would NEVER do that!” Liam cried. Gina closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear to see her son so unhappy under her roof, but what could she do? The next day Gina told Liam she’d heard the argument, and asked him what she could do to set Debby’s mind at ease. “Mom, how about you sign the deed of the house over to me, just temporarily, so Debby can feel secure?” he suggested. Gina was hesitant but she didn’t want to say no to her boy. After all, she could trust her son, couldn’t she? A pretty face is no guarantee of a good heart. Gina and Liam went to the notary and she transferred ownership of the house to her son. That night there was no argument, and Liam and Debby started discussing what color they were going to paint the nursery. It was then that Gina knew she’d made the right decision. The next day Gina had a huge shock. Her son walked into the kitchen looking pale as a ghost, so GIna quickly poured him some tea and made him sit down. “Liam, what’s wrong, son?” Gina asked. “Look, mom, please don’t think I’m ungrateful, but right now, my wife and my child must come first,” he said. Gina was confused. “Of course Debby and the baby come first!” “What I mean, mom is that you have to move out,” he said. “MOVE OUT? What do you mean, Liam? This is my house!” Gina gasped. “It’s mine now, and my wife’s, and she doesn’t want you here,” Liam said. “I see.” Gina said calmly, even though her heart was breaking, “You have what you want, and so now you don’t need me anymore.” Liam just bowed his head. He never said another word to his mother. Gina went upstairs and packed her bags, then she called an Uber. Gina didn’t know what to do or where to go, and she was too ashamed to tell her daughter Kathleen what had happened. That night Gina stayed in a downtown hotel and cried herself to sleep. The next morning she took her courage in both hands and called her daughter. Gina explained everything and Katheleen was furious with Liam, and with her mother for being so naive. Katheleen’s husband who is a lawyer explained to Gina that there was nothing he could do. It was all legal. So Gina resigned herself to staying with Kath and her granddaughters. Gina was to receive yet another shock when her son Liam showed up two weeks later in the middle of the night. He was weeping and sniveling excuses and apologies, but he finally calmed down enough to tell Kath and Gina the whole story. Apparently, Debby wasn’t pregnant at all. She was having an affair, and the whole baby story was to make sure that Liam had some assets in his name before she filed for a divorce. Thank goodness, Kathleen’s husband offered to represent Liam, and he got Debby to give up any claims on the house or he’d have her arrested for fraud. He also stipulated that Liam put the house back in Gina’s name. Gina moved back into her house on her own, and Liam started dating another girl who seems to be very nice and very different from Debby. But Gina made a vow: No one would ever move into her house again!

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