My Husband Demands to Co-Own the House Purchased With MY Money

Financial issues can cause arguments even among the most intimate relationships.
Bethany can finally buy her own house, but she refuses to co-own it with her husband because she paid for it with her family’s money. Her decision infuriated her husband, and his remarks disturbed her. She reached out to us for advice.

My husband and I have been married for 8 years. We’ve been renting a house as we couldn’t afford to buy our own home.

Recently, after my beloved dad passed away, I sold his old apartment and some of his precious belongings, leaving me with a sum that finally allowed us to buy our own house.

My husband insists that as my life partner, he should also co-own the house.

When I declined, he declared, “In that case, you should use your money to pay me back all the money I spent on rent over these years. At least half of it, since you lived with me and didn’t contribute financially.”

To my horror, he added, “If you refuse, then maybe we should reconsider our marriage and our future together.” In fact, I haven’t worked since we got married; I stayed at home to raise our son.

My husband has been the sole provider for us and has covered the rent all these years.
But that doesn’t mean he should automatically co-own the house bought solely with my father’s money, meaning MY money.

What do you think I should do?

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