Liza Minnelli, 78, was spotted for the first time in a year, and everyone is saying the same thing.

Liza Minnelli has spent almost her entire life in the public eye, having grown up in Hollywood’s scorching glare before becoming well-known for her varied TV and film performances. The 78-year-old has struggled with health concerns and addiction over the years, yet she is still a fan favorite today. That’s despite the more reclusive life she’s led recently, owing, if rumors are to be believed, to her failing health.

Minnelli, on the other hand, was recently caught returning home from an evening out with friends in Los Angeles, her first public appearance in almost a year. Given her iconic reputation, it’s not surprising that people had a lot to say. Liza Minnelli may be said to have always been aware of the flashing cameras and media attention. Liza was born in 1948 to famed actress Judy Garland and film director Vincente Minnelli, and she made her cinematic debut in 1949 at the age of three in Good Old Summertime.

CABARET, Liza Minnelli, 1972 print by Everett Collection | Posterlounge

Liza’s entire childhood has since been well-documented, and she has meticulously crafted a significant career in the entertainment sector, just like her mother before her. The 78-year-old has recently taken a step back from the spotlight after dealing with several health challenges and drug struggles that threatened to wreck her life.

Liza has not been seen since June 2023, when she was said to require round-the-clock care. Such statements sparked concern among her supporters, and their fears were not alleviated when Minnelli disappeared for over a year. She was spotted for the first time since then, last week, during a night out with pals in Los Angeles. The actress and singer was carried out of her automobile and into a wheelchair at her home, prompting online critics to express their concerns about her health.

“She looks so fragile,” one reader said in the Daily Mail comments section. “Awww, she seems old and frail,” another wrote. A third stated, “She has been treated as poorly by those closest to her as her mother was.” Absolutely heartbreaking. “It’s sad to see her wheelchair confined. “God bless you, Liza Minelli,” a fourth said.Despite the evident struggles she is facing, Liza has maintained much of her characteristic wit and charm.

In honor of her 78th birthday, she said, “I wish I knew how to act my age.” But guess what, kids? I’ve never been this old! Just keep going, sweetie; that’s the secret!” Minnelli told PEOPLE Magazine that her future ambitions include releasing music again. “And I’m involved in an exciting brand collaboration that will be announced soon.” Here’s praying that the iconic Liza Minnelli is healthy and well.

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