«I adore every curve in her physique!» What Brosnan’s wife looked like in youth is making headlines

The whole Internet is talking about his «fat and unattractive» wife, but only few have seen her in youth! 🧐😮This is what Pierce Brosnan’s wife looked like when the actor fell madly in love with her! ❤️‍🔥😍 «She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes»! 💬You too can see Keely’s archive photos in this article! 👇

When we talk about show business stars and celebrities, no one will deny that machos and heartthrobs are expected to fall in love and marry the most perfectly-shaped, beautiful and glamorous ladies. Nevertheless, this concerns far not everyone.

Pierce Brosnan is among those who don’t prioritize external beauty. He considers his wife the most beautiful woman despite her overweight and non-standard look. It has already been 20 years that Keely and he has been absolutely inseparable.

Their romance started passionately but the way his beloved woman has changed over time escapes no one’s close attention. Whenever he appears with her in public, her appearance immediately becomes the center of attention.

The prominent actor has even admitted that Keely’s friends advise her to undergone a weight-loss surgery but he strongly forbids her since he considers her each and every curve ideal. It was back in 1994 that the future couple first crossed paths.

Few know that his ex-wife passed away of cancer in 1991. Keely appeared just at the right time and brought nothing but healing and happiness to the outstanding film star’s life.

When we look at her old photos from the personal archive, it already becomes quite clear why James Bond fell in love with her at first sight and still cherishes their bond.

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