How Victoria Principal looks at 74

The most successful primetime soap in TV history, ‘Dallas‘, will always be a personal favorite of mine. In fact, I could watch the entire series all over again just for the pleasure of seeing Victoria Principal.

In her iconic role as Pamela Barnes Ewing, Victoria was one of biggest reasons to tune into Dallas – alongside Larry Hagman, who played the ruthless oil baron J. R. Ewing.

Today, Victoria has turned 74 years old – and I think you will be quite surprised when you see the latest photos of this timeless beauty …

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Victoria Principal, 74, has always been a multi-hyphenate – during her long professional career she was a successful actress, author, producer, and skin care entrepreneur.

Perhaps this can be explained by her background – Victoria grew up in a variety of places, and was constantly forced to adapt to her surroundings.

Born in Japan
Victoria Ree Principal was born on January 3, 1950, in Japan.

Her father, a United States Air Force Sergeant, was stationed in city of Fukuoka and Victoria spent her first months of life on Japanese soil.

The family moved around a lot during her childhood – Victoria and her mom were shunted around a series of U.S. Air Force bases. She grew up in England, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts and Florida, among other places.

Facebook / Victoria Principal

During her primary years, Victoria went to 17 different schools, including the famous Royal Ballet School in England.

Whether her childhood was actually happy or not is hard to say – there are varying reports about it.

According to Daily Mail, Victoria and her mother, Ree Principal, had a complicated relationship. The paper said in 2009 that Victoria has described her childhood as miserable. In an interview with Huffington Post in 2012, Victoria was asked what she would like to have known earlier in her life:

”I wish I had known my childhood would end,” she said.

On the other hand, there is a rather famous quote attributed to Victoria Prinicpal:

”I was very lucky. My parents raised me in such a way that it never occurred to me that I wasn’t equal”.

“I wanted to be successful simply because I didn’t want to get hurt. I began to get hard. I became very protective of myself,” she told People.

In 1974, she appeared in the disaster film Earthquake, which was a huge hit at the time in terms of revenue.

But in 1975, halfway through the action film Vigilante Force, Victoria felt that something was seriously wrong. She collapsed under the stress of trying to live up to a perfect image.

”I realized I was so unhappy I didn’t want to live,” Victoria explained.

Why Victoria Principal left Dallas
Victoria Principal left the hit TV series in 1987.

There were several different reasons for her decision.

Victoria Principal net worth
Victoria could easily have retired after Dallas, but instead she stepped up and invested heavily in her own skincare company, Principal Secret. She still appeared in some TV movies – but her main target was to build a skin-care empire, which she launched in 1984.

Since the start, the company has been very successful and the line has generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Victoria Principal has a whopping net worth of $350 million.

But none of this would have been possible without the success of Dallas.

”I continue to be passionately dedicated to running my skincare company, Principal Secret. We are about to celebrate 27 years in business. And I have never forgotten that Dallas gave me the springboard to achieve so many of my dreams,” Principal told TV Insider in 2018.

Personal life
During her career, Victoria somehow got the reputation of being a man-hunter, but nothing could be more wrong. Victoria has been married and divorced twice – pretty normal for a Hollywood star if you ask me.

“No one who ever dated me has ever said an unkind thing about me,” she exclaims. “I’ve probably had fewer relationships than many in my 33 years, but no one will ever believe it,” Victoria told People in 1983.

Victoria Principal met her first husband, Christoper Skinner, during the set of Dallas. Skinner was then a young actor, seven years her junior.

The couple first met in 1978 and dated only three times before the got married. After two years, the couple filed for divorce.

According to Victoria, her 75-hour-a-week job was too much for her young husband.

Married twice
After her first marriage, Victoria dated the English singer-songwriter Andy Gibb. It was a high-profile relationship, but filled with problems. Although the couple had a very strong chemistry and loved each other, Gibb’s lifestyle and addiction became too much for Victoria.

”I did everything I could to help him, but then I told him he would have to choose between me and his problem,” Victoria said after Gibb’s passing in 1998.

In 1983, Victoria fell in love with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Harry Glassman. The couple tied the knot in 1985, in Dallas, Texas.

Victoria Principal children
Victoria and Dr. Harry Glassman divorced in December 2006, with Principal stating: “We have had a loving relationship for over 20 years.”

Victoria Principal has no children of her own, but during her marriage to Glassman, she became close with his two children from a previous relationship, Andrew and Brooke.

Her life today in 2022
Today, Victoria Principal is 71 years old and very active on social media. Judging by her Facebook page, she spends a lot of time on her ranch outside of Los Angeles, where she rehabilitates animals.

To me, it’s just tears of joy when I see what this amazing lady looks like today!

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Her 300,000 followers get a great insight into Victoria’s life – she often uploads photos and short movies from the life on the ranch.

From time to time, she also publishes photos from the Dallas era and her acting career. Of course she’s going to look different today, but we all do. It’s called life.

Facebook / Victoria Principal

My dear Victoria, you are one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen! You are an example of beauty, from the inside out, kindness, sweetness, of strength and inspiration!

Facebook / Victoria Principal

You deserve all the best, all the happiness life can bring you! The way you treat and love your animals, goes beyond words – share this article on Facebook if you agree!

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