Fred Came Home From University Thinking He Was Adopted…

«Mom, was there ever a time when you had to tell me something important?»

«Absolutely not,» his mother replied firmly.

Why would you think such a thing?

“Mum, am I adopted?” And then Fred went on to show her his genealogy DNA test results.

Surprisingly, there were no matches found among his relatives. However, there were strong matches for a family who happened to live on the other side of the city.

Disturbed, his mother reached out to her husband.

«Honey, you won’t believe what happened! Fred just got his DNA test results and… well, let’s just say it’s quite a story! He might not be our son.»

«Well, obviously!» he said.

«What do you mean?»

«It was your idea in the first place, remember?» her husband continued, reminding her of their first night in the hospital.

«Remember that first night in the hospital when the baby did nothing but cry and scream? And you asked me to change him?”

«I think I chose a good one. Ever so proud of Fred.”

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