Father of Three Missing after the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Tragedy struck on March 26, 2024, when a container ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, resulting in what the US Coast Guard classified as a major marine casualty. Among the presumed dead is Miguel Luna, a husband and father of three, who left for work on the bridge but never returned home. Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of CASA, expressed grief over the loss of Luna, a longtime member of their community.

María del Carmen Castellón, Luna’s wife, expressed devastation over the uncertainty surrounding his fate. Colleague Jesús Campos echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the human toll of the tragedy.

After more than 14 hours of search and rescue efforts, authorities suspended operations, leaving questions about additional victims unanswered. Two workers were rescued, one in serious condition, shedding light on the magnitude of the disaster.

The collision occurred after the container vessel, DALI, experienced a total blackout, hindering its ability to navigate. Despite efforts by the ship’s pilot to avert disaster, the vessel struck the bridge.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) initiated an investigation into the incident, with initial damage estimates exceeding $500,000. As the community mourns the loss of life and grapples with

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