Elephant Rescued After Over 80 Years in Shackles Can Finally Lay Down For The First Time | Touching Photos

Grandma Somboon was taken from the wild as a baby and spent 80 years in the logging and tourism sectors. Her days were consumed by shuttling tourists around and working tirelessly, leaving little or no time at all for herself. Upon discovering Somboon’s situation, Save Elephant Foundation felt compelled to help her.

The rescue organization shared on Facebook that it is important for Grandma to receive proper care and be given the opportunity to rest. Our current endeavor involves a crucial rescue operation to safeguard Somboon and safely relocate her to her rightful destination.

At the end of January, Somboon was rescued from the place where she had been compelled to work for her entire life and brought to the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary. Upon her arrival at her new home, Somboon appeared thin, with some missing teeth, and had dry, scaly skin. Despite it all, she seemed to know she was finally safe.

When new elephants arrive, they often take weeks to feel comfortable enough to lie down due to their paranoia and lack of trust, as noted by the rescue organization. However, Grandma Somboon went against the norm. After a long journey and enduring many challenges, she quickly found the sand pile meant for her and fell into a deep sleep, surrounded by the busy hustle and bustle.

After a lifetime of standing, Somboon was overjoyed to find a place where she felt loved and could finally take a well-deserved break.

After a long time of sleep, Somboon couldn’t get back up when she finally woke up. Fortunately, her rescuers quickly came to her aid, assisting her to stand up, and have been keeping a close eye on her well-being ever since.

Grandma Somboon is adjusting beautifully to her new sanctuary home. She is currently on a path of healing after enduring a lot, with a long journey still ahead. She enjoys nourishing meals, leisurely strolls, and indulging in plenty of mud baths. She is truly embracing the life she was destined for, bringing joy to those who helped make her dream a reality.

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