Celine Dion and Josh Groban sing “The Prayer” together in a gorgeous duet.

Celine Dion and Josh Groban’s renowned duet “The Prayer” did not arise from painstaking planning by their management or record labels. Instead, fate brought these two tremendous voices together. Josh Groban’s rise to fame started suddenly in 1998 when he received a call from music producer David Foster. He was invited to fill in for legendary opera singer Andrea Bocelli during a Grammy Awards practice. Despite his initial reluctance and lack of preparation time, Groban felt this was a chance he must not miss.

A Match Made in Music Heaven. Celine Dion reveals in the video below how she met Josh Groban at that rehearsal. Their voices merged beautifully, resulting in a magnificent performance that quickly became a fan favorite. A One-Time Wonder. Although Dion and Groban have not cooperated on any previous songs, the remarkable harmony of their vocals in “The Prayer” demonstrates their skills.

Fans are still hoping for another collaboration between these two musical heavyweights. Witness the brilliance of Celine Dion and Josh Groban’s rendition of “The Prayer.” Watch the video below to witness their extraordinary vocal connection! Watch here: Celine Dion and Josh Groban Live.

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