Affleck, look what you lost! Jennifer Garner introduces her new boyfriend and sparks reaction

Here is the man who became the actress’s lover after the divorce! Garner showed off her new partner and caused the actor’s fans to wonder! 😲🫢 Check out the special video embedded in this post! All caps.

J. Garner and B. Affleck’s 2018 divorce broke the hearts of their admirers. After they broke up, the actor reconnected with J. Lopez, his ex-fiancee. Regarding Garner, rumor has it that she’s been seeing John Miller.

Six months after their divorce, rumors began circulating on the network, leading fans to wonder. It should be noted that following the divorce, the parents-to-be have been sharing custody of three lovely children.

In case you didn’t know, Miller is both a lawyer and a businessman. He is the chief executive officer of CaliBurger and CaliGroup; he was born in 1978. Garner was still married to American vocalist Caroline Campbell approximately one month after he became single.

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