A video of a group of lively nuns dancing in an Irish monastery has gone viral after its hilariousness. Learn More About It Here…

In most cases, when we think about nuns, the picture that comes to mind is one of them praying or doing acts of service. On the other hand, a film that went viral not too long ago and featured the nuns from The Most Holy Redeemer, often referred to as the Redemptoristines, has provided us with a new perspective on these devoted ladies.

The Jerusalem Dance Challenge, which was started by a priest and a brother inside their congregation, is the source of the unprecedented level of popularity that has spread over the internet. At a time when such moments of pleasure were desperately required, the nuns eagerly accepted this task, demonstrating their beautiful skills in the process.

During the difficult time of the epidemic, these devoted servants of God offered joy to a great number of people via their presence on the internet. The Angolan group Fenónenos do Semba, who danced to gospel music, is credited as being the original source of inspiration for the dance challenge. It is important to note that this occurred. In a short amount of time, the trend gained traction, winning the affection of a large number of viewers.

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