A Remarkable Story Of A Man And His Dog In A Cave.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most extraordinary stories ever. It’s no wonder that the filming of this unbelievably amazing cave exploration earned an Academy Award nomination for the best documentary. Truly exceptional.

In the northern part of Mexico’s high desert, if you pay close attention, you might hear more than just the wind. It’s the underground noise of a man who is completely fixated on creating something extraordinary.

Rob Paulette has dedicated a quarter of a century to transforming a cave into an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Throughout this incredible endeavor, his faithful dog has been his sole companion.

Rob is not a structural engineer or an architect. He is just a man who has discovered his passion.

“Most of the wonder that I feel is in the actual making of the cave,” Rob says. “Once they are done I move on.”

The cave by the Rio Grande river has electricity, a wooden floor, and a vibrant bathtub with flowing water.

He only relies on hand tools like shovels, medics, and scrapers for his work.

Rob’s work remained largely unknown to the public until recently. In fact, only a few of his friends were aware of his work until a filmmaker discovered his story. This filmmaker dedicated three years to documenting Rob’s journey of transforming caves into magnificent works of art.

After news about these amazing caves got around, people started showing interest in buying them. And now, a real estate agent is selling them.

For more information about his incredible achievement, watch the video below! You’ll be amazed.

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