A Man Goes Into The Public Swimming Pool

A young man goes into the public swimming pool because he wants to swim the 100 meters.
At the edge of the pool are sitting three elderly ladies and watch him swimming the 100 meters in one and a half minutes.
As he climbs out of the pool, one of the three ladies says,
“Not bad, but I’m 70 years old and can do it better!”
“I do not think so, you have to prove that to me!” Says the young man.
Said, done, the old woman jumps into the pool and floats the 100 meters in 1 minute and 20 seconds.“How did you do that?” Asks the young man.

“I used to be a European champion in swimming!”, says the lady and sits down again.
“Ha, that’s nothing! I’m 80 years old and I’m faster!”, the next Lady says.

She jumps into the pool to prove it and swims the 100 meters in 1 minute.
Everyone is completely stunned and the young man asks how she did it.
“I used to be a world record holder in swimming and I’m still in good shape!”

The third old lady stands up and says:
“That’s ridiculous, I’m 90 years old and I’m much faster than you!”
She jumps into the pool and swims the 100 meters in 50 seconds!
“This is a new world record!” says the 80-year-old.
“Incredible!” says the 70-year-old,
“How the hell did you do that?” the young man asks.

Says the 90-year-old:
“Oh, that was easy! I used to be a prost!tuet in Venice and did home visits!”

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